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A single-purpose blockchain to address the needs of mobility.



Decentralized connectivity layer for real-time transactions between vehicles

We offer a trustless, permissionless, decentralized and distributed way to enable connectivity between vehicles.

Participant vehicles of the network are incentivized to cryptographically prove their availability to the other participants by broadcasting standardized V2X messages.

The broadcast messages are received and verified by other network participants. Each participant in the network is expected to both broadcast and receive messages.

Broadcasting honest and correct messages & receiving and verifying these messages are rewarded through the network’s incentive mechanism.


Powered by Cellular Vehicle to Everything


Mobility Dapps

Decentralized Application Ecosystem

Securely storing and sharing vehicle data enables a smart contract enabled decentralized application ecosystem


A New Decentralized Consensus Mechanism

Proof of Availability is a proof to cryptographically verify whether a device made its connectivity and computational resources available for use within a specified time frame and record it on a ledger.

Connect your car to blockchain

We offer a simple way to connect to this network with Soarchain miner, MOTUS.

MOTUS is an open-source universal connectivity module designed to communicate with other vehicles via cellular V2X technology while being connected to the Soarchain network.

It offers a new way to earn crypto by rewarding vehicle-to-vehicle transactions.

Due to its plug-and-play design it is ready to be used from day one and compatible with many vehicles on the market today. 

Soarchain is opening up new possibilities. 


The decentralized transport platform

Revolutionizing transportation as we know it today

Soarchain is disrupting the transportation realm with blockchain technology, offering a fully decentralized platform of applications to revolutionize how we get around. From improving road safety and data collection to providing the convenience of device management and pay-how-you-drive insurance, Soarchain allows users to be directly in control.

How Soarchain is changing the way, we get around?

The MOTUS device is at the forefront of this innovation, connecting all cars to the Soarchain network with just a single plug-in unlocking access to an exciting array of applications and services. To set it up, you must plug a MOTUS device into your standard port for instantaneous access.


Purpose specific L1 solution

Soarchain, a sovereign app chain built on Cosmos SDK, is creating an environment where data can be securely collected, and real-time decisions can be made.


The blockchain solution for the connected vehicle space

This inspiring new chapter in the mobility space strives to create an improved, more secure, and dynamic transportation system.

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