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A New Decentralized Application Ecosystem for Mobility.


Earn while owning your vehicle data

Users can gather, utilize, and profit from the data from their vehicles using Soarchain decentralized connectivity applications.

Developers & Data Consumers

Developers and data consumers use the car generated data from the car owners to create apps and services on a reliable, open platform, which lowers the price of providing users with better goods and services.

Safety & Emergency

Traffic safety & predictive collision warnings

Real time weather & hazard notifications

Automatic emergency calls (eCall)

Roadside assistance and medical emergencies

Driver-assist features & skills improvement

Safe city intelligence system


Audio and video content

In-car VR and AR experiences

Social media interaction

Interactive & geolocated advertising

Office and productivity solutions

In-vehicle payment system

Charging / Energy

Charging station planning and deployment

Energy usage analysis


Charging station locator and offerings

Fleet Management

GPS vehicle tracking

Driver safety

Operational efficiency

Intelligent navigation

Artificial Intelligence

Training data for autonomous vehicles

Intelligent traffic rerouting

Remote driving features

Behavioral assistance

Autonomous vehicle simulation & risk management


Usage-based insurance contracts




Intelligent insurance risk assessment

Vehicle usage monitoring and scoring


Location based delivery and offerings

Convoy platooning


Efficient logistics transportation

Mobility Services

Ride-sharing services

Car pooling

Ride-hailing services

Smart City

Traffic flow assistance

Urban planning

Parking services

Automated road toll collection

Intelligent road infrastructure


R&D performance improvements

Data-driven design improvements

Wear and tear analytics

Supplier performance scorecard


Location-based promotion & reviews

On-demand services and smart virtual assistants

Business advisory services

Concierge services

In-car offerings and targeted  tailored advertising


Remote diagnostics & prognosis

DIY diagnostics

State safety tests

State emission tests

Redictive failure warning

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