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What is


A single-purpose blockchain to address the needs of mobility.

​Soarchain is a Layer 1 built on Cosmos SDK network that enables a token-incentivized data and connectivity infrastructure for mobility. With its native smart contracts, Soarchain enables decentralized applications specific to mobility, creating a dAPP ecosystem on cars, leading to a revolution of more efficient, cost-effective, and eco-friendly transportation.

Soarchain is opening up new possibilities.

Soarchain is disrupting the transportation realm with blockchain technology, offering a fully decentralized platform of applications to revolutionize how we get around. From improving road safety and data collection to providing the convenience of device management and pay-how-you-drive insurance, Soarchain allows users to be directly in control.

Purpose specific L1 solution

Soarchain, a sovereign app chain built on Cosmos SDK, is creating an environment where data can be securely collected, and real-time decisions can be made.

Decentralized Application Ecosystem

Securely storing and sharing vehicle data enables a smart contract enabled decentralized application ecosystem.


How Soarchain is changing the way, we get around?

The MOTUS device is at the forefront of this innovation, connecting all cars to the Soarchain network with just a single plug-in unlocking access to an exciting array of applications and services. To set it up, you must plug a MOTUS device into your standard port for instantaneous access.

Decentralized Mobility Applications

V2V dApps

Road Safety

Vulnerable Road User Detection Emergency Vehicle Approaching Collision Risk Warning

Data Collection


Connectivity Performance Perception

Road Conditions






Collective Perception


Collective Sensor Fusion

Flow Optimization

Device Management

Remote Configuration

Remote Monotoring

Secure Native OTA

Secure 3rd-party OTA


V2N dApps

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