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Welcome to the Developer's Hub at Soarchain – a Layer 1 Decentralized Physical Infrastructure Network (DePIN). We're engineering the future of mobility. Join us in this transformative journey where each line of code contributes to a smarter, safer, and more connected world.

Build on Soarchain


A Network That Drives Innovation

Soarchain at its Core: Built on the robust Cosmos SDK framework, Soarchain is tailored to the demands of the mobility sector. Our Layer 1 is designed for seamless vehicle connectivity and data exchange, offering a fertile ground for developing state-of-the-art vehicle-based applications and services.

Market Potential:

The market for in-vehicle applications and related services is projected to reach $1404.1 billion by 2030. Soarchain is providing developers with an unmatched opportunity to tap into a rapidly growing ecosystem.


Tools for Tomorrow's Mobility

Advanced-Data Verification:

Harness the power of Zero-Knowledge Proofs to build applications that prioritize data privacy and vehicle interoperability. Soarchain's unique verification framework ensures data integrity, allowing developers to rely on accurate and secure real-time vehicle data.

Infinite Scalability:

With our runner nodes architecture, Soarchain handles large volumes of data efficiently, ensuring limitless scalability. Whether you’re developing an application for a handful of users or millions, Soarchain scales with your ambition. This scalability is key to developing AI/EDGE applications that utilize real-time, verified vehicle data, offering developers limitless possibilities to innovate.

How to Get Started


Explore Our Documentation:

Begin your journey with our guides and documentation. Understand the Soarchain architecture and how to seamlessly integrate your solutions with our network. (a button for documentation that goes to


Engage with
the Community:

Join our Discord and discussions. Share ideas, get feedback, and collaborate with fellow innovators. (discord word should have url on it)


Showcase Your Work:

Launch your applications on Soarchain and showcase them to a global audience. Our platform is your stage.

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