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Soarchain Devices are the open-source hardware units that enable the vehicles to communicate with each other, the infrastructure, people and the cloud through different communication protocols.

Get the most out of your car. Ultra-light and affordable. Own your vehicle data


Earn while Driving

Soarchain network validates the transactions and rewards you with Soarchain Tokens. Also, you are contributing to safer roads for everyone including yourself.


Enjoy your Privacy

Your identity is safe with Soarchain Mini, free to choose what to share and what not to. There is no authority to track and record your data.


Ready to use

Compatible with most of the vehicles on the market. Just plug it to your car and you are ready. We provide everything you need to connect.

Available in NA, Europe and Asia.
Check your 
vehicle's compatibility.

Main Features

Vehicle-to-Network  communication through your moble phone

Small, compact and ultra-light

Wi-Fi and Bluetooth for user/driver connectivity


Secure hardware with cryptographic chipset

Easy to attach with your car's OBD-2 port

Proof-of-availability over the network

Connect your Soarchain MINI 
to Soarchain Connect Mobile App

Start earning simply by connecting the Soarchain MINI to your vehicle's standart OBD-2 and linking it with your mobile phone

Available in NA, Europe and Asia.
Check your 
vehicle's compatibility.



  • Trusted Platform Module

  • Hardware Security Module


Interfaces & Connectivity

  • OBD-II

  • Wi-Fi  802.11 b/g/n

  • BLE 4.2

  • USB 

  • On&Off - Reset Button

  • Bluetooth certification: BQB

  • RF certification: ESP32-WROOM-32E

  • Green certification: REACH/RoHS


  • Input Voltage Range : 4-30V


  • Dimensions : 50 x 40 x 30 mm

  • Tamper Detection

  • IPC Certificate

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